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28 - 31 MAY 2020
Olga Burkova

Olga works in World Class Company since the opening of the first legendary club on Zhitnaya (1993).

She began her career as a group exercise instructor.

In 1994, she became the head of the Group programs director.

In 1998, she started work on the position of the Director of the Methodology and Development of Fitness for the entire network of fitness clubs World Class and Fizkult. At this time, Olga was involved in the introduction of new fitness programs in Russia, participated in the educational activities of trainers of clubs chain

In 2000, Olga was managing the opening the first luxury club near Moscow.

Many interesting projects had implemented under Olga's management. This is the Summer Games (competition between clients of World Class), OUTDOOR programs, Fitness Tours, cooperation with the ROMANA'S PILATES school etc.

Considering the experience and knowledge of processes in all divisions of the club, in 2012 Olga received the invitation to try herself in a new position - Director for Quality and Standards.

Olga have optimized and standardized many business processes and procedures in clubs were, which ensured maintenance of standards of service in clubs

Present Position –Service and Operations Director (Russian Fitness group).

In the near future, we plan to launch an integrated service improvement model in the WORLD CLASS clubs in order to increase the level of satisfaction and loyalty of the club members, strengthening the image and reputation of the company as the one of the best in the Russian fitness market.

Olga is the founder and Studio Manager of Mind Body Studio by World Class, opened in 2017. Studio works for client and became main center of education for Romana’s Pilates trainers in Russia.