Giovanna e Antonella Bazzaro

Both with a scientific background and a degree in Economics and Business (business consultant Giovanna and head of production planning in a large company Antonella), for twenty years they have been involved in a personal growth made of research and study in the field of vibrational techniques and developed the ability to perceive energies.

They are Facial Reflexologists since 2011 and senior teachers of the AIRFI Academy of Milan authorized by Beatrice Moricoli. Recently they are matching the experience gained over the years with Dien Chan Zone® facial reflexology with the knowledge of the most famous facial gymnastics and have become Face Yoga Method ® Teachers, authorized by Fumiko Takatsu.

With their third sister Manuela, also a Dien Chan Zone® senior teacher, they organize courses for holistic professionals and anyone who wants to take care directly of their own health.

In Viso Veritas®: Not only tecnique but a joyful learning mode, made of professionalism and lightness.


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