Raffaella Bellen

Raffaella Bellen, psychologist, psychotherapist, graduate in Physical Sciences, founder of two training schools (School for yoga instructors “Oriente-Occidente" and "School for Wellness Workers") with 10 locations in Italy, and founder of the Cultural and Sports Amateur Association Metamorfosys, she loves to combine the practice of Yoga with her interventions as a psychotherapist, in the fields of education, addiction, corporate communication, stress management and anxiety and panic attacks (interventions at the University of Trieste).
Author of the book "Le flessioni della schiena nello Yoga vol. 1 - Pashimottanasana: the queen of flexures", published in 2017 by Metamorfosys, teaches yoga to cancer patients in collaboration with LILT, and to patients with multiple sclerosis for AISM, while she taught to drug addicts at the Trieste Health Authority and to diabetics at the Gorizia Health Authority.

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