Alfredo Venturi

From 1987 he began his career as a trainer and later took part in the creation of the first major federative project in the world of fitness, as a founding member of the FIF (Italian Fitness Federation) of which he remains in office as president from 1990 to 1999. He is among the first instructors to discover the Indoor Cycling with which he created an immediate feeling. Alfredo did not stop at the launch of the business, but continued to take care of the movement, creating a large group of professionals, users and Official Centers that follow the guidelines of ICYFF®, Indoor Cycling and Fitness, which he himself founded in 2009. Alfredo is still one of the most respected and renowned instructors of Italian Fitness, because he was able to create a different way to interact with the class through Group Cycling®, removing the demonstration aspects and creating the figure of the Coach Instructor.