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28 - 31 MAY 2020
Serena Dalle Palle

His love for sport begins at a young age with wrestling, a sport she practices for about 10 years even at a competitive level. Her passion for physical activity, leads her to undertake a course of studies in Motory and Sports Activity Sciences which will be for her only the beginning of a long journey of constant training and updating both in Italy and abroad.
After graduating, she began working in some fitness centers in Padua, specializing over the  years in the field of functional training, postural and weight loss re-education but above all in functional training. In recent years the passion for bodyweight training has led her to approach various disciplines such as gymnastics, capoeira and acrobatics at an amateur level. She is the owner of Koru Vibe, a functional training center in Padua.
A place born of the experience gained from a passion for training, but above all from the desire to transmit one's knowledge to people seeking physical well-being.
She collaborates with Functional Training School of Guido Bruscia, with whom she created a new course for the school called “Tribe”, a free-body training format, based on primordial movements, able to combine strength, flexibility and motor control.
Serena is also an external collaborator of the University of Padua for the faculty of Motory

 and Sports Activity Sciences, in the course of "Training methodology and Compensatory