Liz Marchese Anderegg

National and international Kangoo Jumps Trainer !!!
Kangoo Power TM moulder, TM kangoo dance, Kangoo kick and punch TM and Kangoo Discovery TM
She started teaching Aerobics / Stepp / Rebounding / personal trainer / strech / postural etc. at the age of 17 A paramedic graduate and assistant assistant in the orthopedic operations room, she has always had a great passion for health medicine, sport, and fashion Kangoo Power started it 6 years ago and has become a great passion that she tries to convey to everyone in all ways she has participated to many sporting events villages cruises sports parties national and international conventions loves to train new instructors and live this beautiful family of Kangoo Jumps all over the world and above all in Italy has made this fantastic sport grow throughout Genoa and Liguria and almost everywhere he traveled the world to follow and learn the secrets from the biggest and most charismatic leaders of the sport.