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2 - 5 June 2022
Fulvio Fiori

Fulvio Fiori

Writer – Word Therapist

Bachelor of Communication Sciences, he defines himself “word therapist” because he helps the words to feel good. He created the lucky method Bioscrittura®, the caring writing, of which he holds individual sessions, courses opened to every one, training for professionals in helping relationship and writing coach. He wrote a lot of theatrical dramas and best seller books: fiction, non-fiction, tales and aFIORIsmi, published even in USA, on the Comix diaries and everywhere on the internet. He won the Comic Writing Massimo Troisi Award, the Dramaturgy Total Theatre Award and many others. Karate youth agonist, he was among the italian pioneers of Kickboxing. Nowadays, he teaches Tai Chi Chuan and Autogenic Training. 

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