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2 - 5 June 2022
Davide Rubini

Davide Rubini, Born in Bologna on 23/02/1970. I speak English, Spanish and French. Dental technician diploma and dental technician diploma 56/60. Degree in dentistry 110 cum laude on 13 07 1995. Unicist homeopathy training course in 1996. I attend homepathy courses in Dario Spinedi's clinic in Locarno regularly on a monthly basis. Various conferences and courses with Alex Orbito's group: “The pyramid of Asia”. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine four-year training course of F.I.S.A. 30/30. Training course in structural osteopathy A.M.O.I. Training in biodynamic cranio-sacral osteopathy at I.S.I Bologna. Training in visceral osteopathy school A.M.O.I. Japanese and adult pediatric acupuncture courses with Stephen Birch, Belgium. Viola Frymann Clinical Pediatric Craniosacral Osteopathy Training Course 2010. Training course in osteopathy Upledger school cst 1-2, ser 1-2, master class with Diego Maggio. University degree in osteopathy 07 06 2013 University of Paris 13 in Bobigny. Courses with Guglielmo Donnaquio on osteopathy / dentistry. Various courses of alchemy and medieval chemistry in the laboratory of the Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross. Daily yoga practice since 1994. Courses of medical and martial qi gong with the masters: Li Xiao Ming, Gou Ming Xu, Jiang Me Liao, Zu Yao Wu, Enrico Mori, Howard Lee, Gilberto Gori. Mantra yoga class with Muz Murray. Consultancy during these years in homeopathic / herbal / electro-medical pharmaceutical cases. Training in astrology and alchemy / spagyricism with Enrico Guidazzi, Fabrizio Tonna, Joseph Cannillo, Giancarlo Salomoni, Murien Petri, for about ten years. I taught laboratory alchemy with Luigi Vernacchia. First and second level course with Nader Butto. Courses in radionics and radiesthesia with: Maria Grazia Prever, Federico Marincola, Previti, George Pratt, Tiziano Guerzoni, Giuliano Bressa, Diego Melandri. Mayan shamanism courses with Don Miguel Chan from Chichikastenango Guatemala. This is only the most conspicuous part there is more, but I think it can be enough. To live as a dentist for 20 years in freelance, using unconventional methods of medicine on the patients I treat, and treating patients who come for other roblems with methods such as homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and osteopathy. February 2018 obtained the diploma of Tibetan medicine. The attendance at the clinic of Dr. Spinedi in Locarno for homeopathy. 

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