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2 - 5 June 2022
Marina Giuliani

Marina Giuliani, graduated in Sports Science, always in search of new features and knowledge to improve her work. And so, thanks to her curiosity and desire to learn, Marina discovers the Cross Cardio method, an innovative functional training method that will completely change her professional life! Thanks to her experience and expertise in the fitness world, Marina immediately realizes how effective the Cross Cardio method is in reliability and customer loyalty, increasing the attendance in her group classes and improving the quality of the service offered. Without hesitation, she completes the entire training course becoming a Master Trainer and Instructor of Cross Cardio and Outdoor Coach, the CRC format created in collaboration with founder Jairo Junior. Marina is an example of how constant search for knowledge and passion for one's work can lead to great results in the fitness world! Thanks to her expertise and experience, Marina has become a reference point in teaching Cross Cardio and an authority in Outdoor Coach, the revolution of outdoor training.