new dates
2 - 5 June 2022
Marco e Giulia

Hitthebeat is a new fitness discipline born in Germany, by its creator Peter Sowinski, and known worldwide. It is a functional hit workout, i.e. a high-intensity cardio workout that takes place in time to music with various difficulties of exercises that are efficient and permissible for everyone. No special physical training is required and the course can be done for various age groups from 12 to 60 years and consists of an hour's lesson, 10 minutes of initial cardio warm-up, 40 minutes of exercises and a final 10 minutes of stretching. Hitthebeat exercises use classic positions such as the squat and plank combined with movements reminiscent of Breakdance. The first trainers in Italy and the only Hitthebeat powerheads in Italy are Marco Ugolini and Giulia Mastrogiacomo. Hitthebeat Italia is looking for new trainers to expand knowledge of the discipline throughout Italy.