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2 - 5 June 2022
Valentin Loney

Born in Constanța, Romania, in 1970, Valentin Loney had a professional growth path initially as a ballet and modern dancer, and later as a choreographer.

At the age of 23, he formed a small dance company, with which he worked in various European theaters until 1994, when he moved permanently to Pescara. Here he began to collaborate with various gyms and devoted himself to research and insights into the neuro-muscular mechanisms that regulate body balance.

The skills acquired lead him to the awareness that social, cultural and work conditioning can determine, from the early school age of the individual, an imbalance between the two hemisomes which, over the years, conditions the entire body structure, acting both at the cerebral and musculoskeletal. Basically, the psycho-motor prevalence of a hemisome is the basis of the main body dysmorphisms. Therefore he creates a "gym-workshop" where he can carry out his experiments, with the aim of customizing a program capable of revolutionizing traditional postural gymnastics.

With ingenious creativity, spaces and furnishings become tools and accessories for performing specific exercises: draw guidelines on walls, pillars and floors, modify chairs and tables, use Swedish ties and backrests to facilitate the execution of movements in absolute symmetry. Finally, exploiting precise geometric relationships, he designs increasingly adequate tools, up to the realization of the tools currently in use: Rebirth, Deep Power, Erectus and Median.

For each tool Valentin has defined a series of specific exercises useful for the recovery of symmetry and physiological body balance, whose benefits are immediate and progressive.

Valentin Loney currently works as a freelancer and university collaborator for the dissemination of his method. The design of further patents continues and organizes training courses for operators in the postural rehabilitation sector.