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2 - 5 June 2022
Riccardo Croci

Riccardo Croci, He began his racing career in 2016 almost for fun.

 -In 2018 he is already absolute Italian champion Man physique.

 - in 2019 he wins his IFBB procard becoming a professional.  In the following years it was a climb of incredible successes on the international scene that brought him to the top of world bodybuilding by winning three consecutive qualifications for Mr. Olympia with direct qualification 2020, 2021, 2022 (the only Italian to have qualified for Mr OLYMPIA 3 times in this category)

 - in 2020 his first mr OLYMPIA carries the national flag on his shoulders as he is the only Italian present.

 -in 2021 at his second Mr Olympia he conquers the 14th place in the world ranking (the first Italian to enter the top 15) this year has been characterized by a series of incredible successes ..

 -In 2022 he is one of 10 invited in the world to participate in the ARNOLD CLASSIC USA in Ohio.
 Currently in preparation for MR OLYMPIA 2022 which will make its big return to LAS VEGAS in December