Laura Cristina

The  very first experience was wearing the blue shirt of the rhythmic Italian national team.  Dancer and choreographer, event organizer, art director. Graduated in sport  university, with specialization on sport marketing. Meets Aerobic in 1988, and stats to teach in the most famous Fitness clubs in Turin. Italian Aerobic Champion in 1989 and 1991 and starts to be recognized as international Presenter in all European country. As competition winner she starts to cooperate with top brands in the fitness world: first is Reebok as performer, than Nike as an athlete and program development. Next was Why be Normal and finally Reebok again, which is still supporting. Now Laura is  a consultant, former instructor, event organizer, university docent, artistic director of big events, and is the creator of Reejam together with team mate Ivan Robustelli.

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