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28 - 31 MAY 2020
Antonia Califano

Antonia Califano, Phd in nutritional sciences and dietetics, at 18 years of age she obtains her fitness and aerobics trainer diploma and becomes the assistant of the European Bodybuilding champion.
During the university years she continues her passion for sport and expands studying yoga and tai-chi and teaching in various resorts, at 24 she graduates and begins her journey traveling around the world between China, Japan, Tibet, United States, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and South America were she continues her studies and training both in nutrition and yoga. In 2015 she founded Styleoga® with the aim of spreading the benefits of a healthier life style and disseminating yoga and meditation hosting yoga retreats, training courses and Self-improvement programs. From 2015 to today she has trained more than 100 certified yoga teachers from all over the world. In 2016 she writes the book ANTI-DIET: transform the impossible into reality!
In 2017 she also becomes the official nutritionist of the Olympic Champion Carmine Tommasone.
Today she continues with her commitment to the spreading of a healthier life style, with an active of hundreds of conferences, lectures and training courses throughout the world.

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