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Thursday to Sunday Hall D1
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"Living your psycho-corporeal wellbeing as an absolute protagonist"!

This is the "must" of the Official BodyFly ZONE - PAD Program. D1 Stand 60 - for all the participants of the 13th edition of Rimini Wellness 2018.

A program full of activities that derive from the holistic discipline "BodyFly" conceived in 1997 by the international mastercoach Gennaro Setola, which is based on the movement.

The schedule of the BodyFly ZONE opens on Thursday 31 May at 9.30 am with the BodyFly Over-Age activity.

The program proceeds with over sixty lessons held by the master and his team of international coaches during the four days of the event, which will "fly" the participants with the BodyFly, Flyboard, Bamboo and Fit-Ball sessions.

In particular, the use of the proprioceptive Flyboard, created by the expert of resistant strength, in the coordination and extension of postural muscles.

The BodyFly ZONE will be set up with extreme care and elegance, so that the participants can enjoy moments of relaxation alternated with gymnastic activities and the precious advice of the experts who entertain the conference.

All in SILENT mode thanks to soundproofing via Silent System Wireless Headphones.

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