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RiminiWellness is the  world’s biggest gathering devoted to fitness, well-being, business, sport, physical culture and healthy eating, an event that brings all the biggest companies in the wellness universe together under the same roof: from the makers of machines for physical activity to gyms, schools and trade associations, those who love the body, taking in spas for relaxation, rehabilitative sciences and dance, but also tourism and design.

The whole world is at RiminiWellness: operators, buyers and presenters make this exhibition an increasingly international stage with business meetings between companies.

A unique mix of events that blend every spirit of the good life and staying in shape, a winning combination with six sections:

  • WPRO, directed towards the b2b sector
  • WFUN, for the active public that enthusiastically takes part in the exhibition every year
  • FoodWell Expo, dedicated to healthy eating for those on the move
  • RiminiSteel, the most heavy-duty part of RIMINIWELLNESS, hosting combat sports, martial arts, body-building and everything to do with “physical culture”
  • Riabilitec, the section that presents every technological innovation for motor rehabilitation and re-education.
  • Pilates Junction, a space entirely dedicated to the most relevant Pilates brands.

The world-level appointment not to be missed with amusement, training and sport

  • 46 stages (5 pilates, 5 water activities, 6 dance, 4 indoor cycling, 17 fitness, 5 walking, 4 yoga);
  • 350 square metres of pools, with a total of 1,200 cubic metres of water (the largest water area ever set up indoors);
  • 25 rooms dedicated to conferences and seminars (in collaboration with the most important partners in the sectors including CONI, Bologna University, ASSOSPORT, ANIF-EUROWELLNESS and many others);
  • more than 500 presenters from all over the world;
  • over 1,500 hours of lessons;
  • 1960 single training sessions in 4 days;
  • 20 km of coast “on the move” for the event;
  • over 100 evening and night events, aperitifs and events on the beach and in the Riviera’s trendiest venues.