new dates
2 - 5 June 2022

Duration of the show

30th May - 2nd June 2024


Rimini Expo Centre, Via Emilia, 155 - 47921 RIMINI (RN) - ITALY

Halls occupied

Entire Expo Centre


SOUTH entrance     Via Emilia, 155
WEAST entrance     Via San Martino in Riparotta


Thursday     30th May 2024    08.00am - 07.00pm
Friday          31st May 2024     09.00am - 07.00pm  
Saturday      2nd June 2024     09.00am - 07.00pm  
Sunday         3rd June 2024     09.00am - 06.00pm 

Thursday     30th May 2024    09.30am - 07.00pm
Friday          31st May 2024     09.30am - 07.00pm  
Saturday      2nd June 2024     09.30am - 07.00pm  
Sunday         3rd June 2024     09.30am - 06.00pm  

Stand setting up and dismantling times

Stand setting up times
Friday         24th May 2024     08.00am - 08.00pm
Saturday    25th May 2024     08.00am - 08.00pm 
Sunday       26th May 2024     08.00am - 08.00pm
Monday     27th May 2024     08.00am - 08.00pm
Tuesday     28th May 2024     08.00am - 06.00pm

Wednesday 29th May 2024  08.00am - 06.00pm:
Reserved exclusively for exhibitors, final work of positioning samples on display, access by standfitters and stand building work is not allowed.


Removal of samples from the stand
Sunday      2nd June 2024      06.00pm - 08.00pm  - Reserved exclusively for exhibitors


Stand dismantling times
Monday       3th June 2024   8.00am-8.00pm  
Tuesday       4th June 2024   8.00am-8.00pm  
Wednesday 5th June 2024   8.00am-8.00pm

Goods entrance for stand/exhibit set-up and dismantling work

For hall A and C  West entrance  from Via San Martino in Riparotta, 47921 RIMINI  -  CHECK-IN AREA “WEAST 4”
Foe hall B and D East entrance    from Via Costantino il Grande, 47921 RIMINI        -   CHECK-IN AREA “EAST 4”

During the set-up and dismantling operations, the vehicles (trucks, trucks and vans) must show up at the check-in area in the EAST 4 and WEST 4 parking areas, where the staff will allow entry to the district depending on the order of arrival and based on the availability of space within the district. Inside, one hour of time will be granted for unloading, after which the vehicle must be removed.


To access the expo centre during setting up and dismantling time it is necessary:
-       to have settled payment of the invoices;
-       to register  your staff who will require access to the expo centre during those periods
-       Activate the technical profile for the standfitter.

Registration of you staff must be done in the "LOGISTICS - STAFF REGISTRATION" section in the exhibitor reserved area; after registration, print the relevant pass with QR code and present it to the staff present at the entrances. For dismantling, the same passes used in setting up can be used.

It is possible to activate the technical profile for the standfitter so that he can independently access his area where he can register staff, upload your stand design and your certifications. To activate the profile, click on the profiles icon in your reserved area at the top right and then "Add Profiles".