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2 - 5 June 2022

The first CrossFit event in Italy returns to RiminiWellness from 31 May to 2 June 2024 with even more places for athletes of all ages and ability levels

The 2024 Italian Showdown proposes the format that was so successful in the last edition, adding new categories and more slots to satisfy the huge demand from CrossFit enthusiasts from all over Italy who wish to test themselves on the game field. The competition takes place live, without any qualifications. To participate, just be quick to grab one of the places available online starting from 1 January 2024 for your category: for the ninth edition there are 816 slots for 16 skill / gender / age categories, assigned on a first-registered first-admitted basis.

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Beginners at their very first experience, intermediate competitors and elite athletes play side by side on the same game floor… It’s much more than a race, it’s a fest for thousands of fitness enthusiasts.

Since the first edition in 2016, the Italian Showdown has been a fitness competition different from all the others, with a format designed to allow any sport lover to experience the thrill of taking the field live, regardless of skill level and age, with a focus on audience and media engagement.

The competition for everyone, live

New competition methods have been introduced in each edition, always maintaining a fundamental distinctive element: live qualification with a unique Open category for all competitors. This allowed all participants to experience unforgettable moments, side by side with the strongest athletes in the world, on the same game floor to celebrate fitness and health.

In a very short time, the Italian Showdown has become one of the most attended sports fitness events in Europe, with thousands of competitors and tens of thousands of spectators from all over Italy and the rest of the world, which has earned the recognition by CrossFit since 2019 with the entry into the circuit of official competitions (first Sanctional, then Licensed Event).

New categories, 3 levels

Over the years, thanks to the effectiveness and inclusiveness of the CrossFit training method, the athletes’ performances have grown incredibly and, at the same time, the request for participation by the Community of enthusiasts has increased. This has caused the performance gap between the more experienced and novice competitors to grow exponentially.

Thus, to keep the competition as fair and inclusive as possible, with the ninth edition of the Italian Showdown the time has come to revolutionize the competition format, precisely to give everyone the opportunity to express their potential to the fullest. This means new categories and new workouts for different skill levels: Experience, Intermediate, Elite, Master and Team.

No qualification, no elimination

No elimination, so no athlete runs the risk of leaving the competition before the final: all registered athletes remain in the competition from the first to the last workout, with no cuts. Furthermore, to ensure that competitors have the most satisfying and comfortable experience possible, all workouts are programmed so that they can be performed during a single daily event for each category. This means that each athlete is busy only in the morning or only in the afternoon and has the rest of the day free to enjoy the other activities of the fair and relax on the beach.

The final leaderboard is based on the scores of all workouts and the top three athletes ranked in each category will get on the podium to receive the Italian Showdown medal and prizes.

1, 2 or 3-day competitions

The competition has a different duration based on the category: 1 day for Team Experience and Intermediate, 2 days for Individual Experience, 3 days for Individual Intermediate and Elite and for Age Groups. Also confirmed for 2024 is the team competition made up of 2 males and 1 female, extended to two categories: Experience and Intermediate. The team competition takes place entirely over the course of a single day and is based on the tag-team format: during the workouts, team members must alternate taking turns to complete 3 tests within the maximum time allowed. Strategy and harmony are essential to win, fun guaranteed!

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Brand Exhibition Manager Wellness & Sport 
Valentina Fioramonti

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