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2 - 5 June 2022


"RiminiWellness is the leading trade fair for the Italian market and from this year, in my opinion, also for the European market."

Enrico Antolini


"For us, this year's edition of RiminiWellness is a celebration. For the third year, Matrix is the number one brand in the world in terms of sales volumes for gym equipment, and so we are here to confirm our leadership position, also in the field of open and integrated platforms, and to thank our customers, who continue to choose us."

Danilo Casadei, Sales Manager


"For Technogym RiminiWellness is home, it is an important moment for the Italian market and above all a central appointment to spread Wellness in Italy and in Romagna, where the Wellness Valley, the first wellness district in the world, was born."

Enrico Manaresi, Press & Media Director


"It is great to be here at RiminiWellness, the industry's leading trade fair, because we can meet our customers in person, who are spread all over Italy, but also make new contacts. Simplifying, through digital systems, the management of gyms, sports centres and swimming pools is now a need and our business solutions find the right audience here."

Roberto Di Giacomo, Marketing & Communication Manager


"RiminiWellness is the most important fitness trade fair in Italy. Our core business is fitness centres and Crossfit boxes and RiminiWellness is a collector, indeed the only Italian collector of gyms, fitness centres, Crossfit boxes where you can also find the audience. So being here for us is a must."

Jacopo Bertelli, CEO


"One of our medium to long term goals is certainly to enter more and more into the world of wellness and fitness, so which better occasion than starting here at RiminiWellness?
When we think about a Garmin smartwatch we immediately think of monitoring sport activity, but Garmin is also monitoring everyday health and wellness H24, so it is perfectly in line with market trends and the contents of RiminiWellness."

Chiara Arpaia, Communication Specialist


"RiminiWellness is a great showcase at international level and, for a brand like ours, it is a key event to show our products, present the athletes we collaborate with and increase our brand awareness."

Daniele Roberti, Marketing Manager

Tsunami Nutrition

"RiminiWellness has always been THE trade fair for the Italian fitness market, but this year we have been pleased to see a great International participation; we are therefore very pleased because the Italian product must be known all over the world. The trade fair this year is once again confirming itself as a vital and  important moment for all entrepreneurs in our industry."

Deolo Falcone, Founder


"For a brand like Kappa, exhibiting at RiminiWellness is important because it allows us to give visibility to the new sport innovations that the brand has decided to develop, for example the new Fitness and CrossFit 2024 collections."

Matteo Monaco, Sales Director


"We are a young company, born to bring something new to the market. For us, RiminiWellness represents the moment when we understand if we are working in the right direction or not. It is like the Christmas morning: when you see the queue at your stand, you realise that you are doing something good in life."

Paolo Barone, Co-founder


"We are very pleased to exhibit at RiminiWellness because it is one of the most important events in Europe for the fitness industry. It is important for the opportunities it offers on a B2B level, of course, but also because, thanks to the presence of the final customer, it allows us to capture the market's feelings, so we can understand what the consumer is looking for and listen to them."

Roberta Magrini, CEO


"For a company like K.Well, that represents Made in Italy, RiminiWellness is an essential and important appointment. We have always believed that taking part in a trade fair is the most important driver for a company that wants to grow and position itself well in the Italian market."

Luca Bettini, CEO & Fuonder


"Being present at RiminiWellness is a truly gratifying event, because it allows us to create a connection between brand, community and influencers. This is the fifth year that we participate and each edition for us represents the moment when all the efforts made by the Foodspring team during the year are rewarded by the affection and passion that all our community reserves for us."

Giovanni Piccoli, Senior Brand Activation Manager Italia/Spagna


"We participated in 2023 for the first time but we believe that RiminiWellness perfectly reflects our philosophy: there is passion for sport, for any kind of sport as a form of wellness, including running. RiminiWellness gets us in touch with all these enthusiasts and allows us to offer a brand and product experience."

Martina Fogagnolo, Marketing Manager


"Our aim is to accompany consumers on a path to wellness and we want to speak to a consumer who is focused on a healthy lifestyle, which is why, for the first time, Amadori has chosen to be present at RiminiWellness."

Barbara Conti, Marketing Communications Manager


"We have always considered RiminiWellness a very important trade fair at international level. It is really a source of pride to see so many people looking for our stand and visiting us to see our products."

Marco Vailati, Product Manager


"Exhibiting at RiminiWellness means being on the market. RiminiWellness is undoubtedly the most important event in Italy and I would say also in the European fitness and wellness scene. Unlike other trade fairs, in addition to providing space for exhibitors, RiminiWellness shows trends, changing tastes, consumer tendencies, and this for me is the most important aspect."

Ennio Tricomi, CEO


"The RiminiWellness event is crucial for us because it represents the pivotal fitness event in Italy and beyond. After the pandemic, the 2023 edition is back to the splendour of the past. Our business is focused on digital: technology is present in everyday life. We have seen that in this edition there are many companies that have focused on digital and in the future we see an increasingly connected fitness world, where in-person and remote training will be more and more integrated."

Fabrizio Colciago, CEO


"Ours is a brand that lives mainly on social media. Being present at RiminiWellness for us is important above all because it allows us to show our products live and try them out and, above all, it is the moment when we meet our customers live and assess their degree of satisfaction in real time."

Beatrice Saetti, Sales Assistant


Presenter and Special Guest

"RiminiWellness is one of Europe's biggest events dedicated to sport and health, where we can meet people who use our app, and present new products such as our line of supplements and our training programmes to a large and passionate audience."

Vida Macura Maglica, CEO ed Élite Trainer

Extreme Training

"It is important to participate at RiminiWellness because it is a time of great sharing. Regardless of the single discipline, we are all united by the same great passion, passion for training, whatever type it is. So it’s certainly a need to participate in the event that celebrates all this. RiminiWellness in a word? Sharing, sharing a great passion."

Andrea Presti, Special Guest

"RiminiWellness is a very important platform for Europe: being an international trade fair, many people from many different countries participate. I have been attending for 18 years and I know the Italian market well; I can say that at RiminiWellness I have the chance to see the whole Italian market in one place: a huge variety of brands, companies, disciplines, trainers...RiminiWellness is a cross-section of the fitness industry in Europe."

Beto Perez, Founder

Zumba Fitness

"RiminiWellness is a formation event, but at the same time it is an event for an all-round fitness experience. For trainers, it is a time to keep up to date and to understand what the fitness market trends are. Coming to RiminiWellness is a must for professionals and a great pleasure for enthusiasts. RiminiWellness in a word? Energy."

Jairo Junior, Founder

Cross Cardio