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2 - 5 June 2022
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Les Mills

Thursday to Sunday
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Les Mills Italia is back to the 2022 edition of RiminiWellness with live and online masterclasses of 6 Les Mills programs.

BODYATTACK™️, the group fitnesss workout that uses athletic and sports-inspired movements with body weight strength and tone exercises such as squats and pushups. BODYCOMBAT™️, the high-energy workout inspired by real movements from different martial arts without any contact. BODYBALANCE™️, the new generation Yoga class to balance body, mind and spirit using simple Yoga movements, Tai-Chi and Pilates inspired exercises.

LES MILLS GRIT™️ Cardio, the 30-minute high intensity interval training to dramatically improve the cardiovascular system, agility and speed and maximize caloric expenditure. SHBAM™️, in its new format, an insanely addictive dance workout made up of fun and easy movements inspired by videos of today's pop stars and social influencers. BODYJAM™️, the ultimate concentration of style, cutting-edge music, movements from various dance trends combined into sensational sequences.

We will be celebrating the 100th release of BODYJAM™️ with an amazing party where we will transform our pavilion into a rock concert. Choose your original Les Mills class, experience safe, easy, result-based movements suitable for every fitness level. Most importantly, immerse yourself in the positive energy that only Les Mills group fitness classes can unleash because "nothing beats live."