Raffaele Verrillo

Raffaele Verrillo alias RAF MC is a professional dancer and singer graduated at the National Art and Entertainment Academy in Italy at 16 he began to travel to study with international masters of Caribbean dance in New York and Cuba and working with various dance companies Is worked in main Clubs of Central Italy as a vocalist and animator until 2011 when became a Zumba® instructor and his totally focused on it in 2014 is became a Zumba® Jammer in 2014 and in 2016 Beto Perez, selected Raffaele for his Fitness Concert™ team. His passion for music and singing brought him to the United States where he meet and started collaborating with Dj & Producer Francis Benavides In June 2017, he made his first single Muevete available now on all platforms and digital stores and present in Zumba megamix 61! In December 2017 he made his second single Pista Caliente available all platforms and digital stores.