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2 - 5 June 2022
Monya Mancuso

MONYA MANCUSO, I take care of all the fitness activities, of the technical and artistic direction of my activity. Among the various innovations, I have been working for a few years on a copyright related to functional rehabilitation, functional training, cardio / aerobic activity, with a tool that does not exist in Italy. Or rather it is not used. Abroad he is very well known.  Actually I used it as a massage therapist first on competitors who dance disabled. Then I took an example from the Germans, and verifying the incredible effects on recovery and functional rehabilitation, I created an ad hoc method, filtered on more disciplines even for able-bodied people. The same method has been copyrighted for some years. Cardio, and re-education work, even without moving the lower limbs, is truly surprising. The Body Butterfly matrix uses a swing bar as an inducer of proprioceptive capacity. It induces the body to keep itself in balance, even during all other activities, which become of intensity to the nth degree. I'm interested in spreading it because I've studied its properties, its effects, and I'm sure of what I'm saying. What you will see in the links is the same principle. In the Body Butterfly method, more disciplines are crossed, and the basic method is proprioceptive. Bodyblade Muscle Animation Fitness.