Ai Lee Syarie

Ai Lee Syarief has always been athletic! She began dancing and taking gymnastics classes as a child, and at the age of 12 she discovered yet another fascinating sport — Karateí. At 17, she was a runner-up in a Shorin-Ryu Karate World Championship Kumite Tournament in Okinawa, Japan. She fought and represented Switzerland and the Malaysian National Karate Team for several years and successfully participated in many international tournaments. Ai Lee is a passionate dancer and loves hip hop, street dance, jazz and all forms of movement. In 2010 she fell in love with the Zumba®program and went on to become a licensed Zumba instructor. In February 2012, she was selected as a Zumba® Jammer and presented her first ZIN Jam session. In December 2012, she was selected as a ZES representing Switzerland and Austria.

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