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2 - 5 June 2022
Sergio Gallotta

Sergio Gallotta, Born as a dancer of hip hop/breakdance. Collaborates with many well-known names in the industry by winning national competitions first as a dancer, then as a choreographer. Graduated in physical education, fitness and sport lover, he practices kick boxing for years cultivating more and more the love for martial arts.

He is the creator of FIT KOMBAT, a training program for bag or free body unique in its kind, which combines the techniques of martial arts to the rhythm of an engaging music punctuated by sound effects that help the end user to better perceive the techniques and the new BEATBOXE, where phases of pre-punching work alternate with phases of functional work.

Partner of various companies known in the world of fitness and Fiteducation School of Sayonara Motta, with whom he has worked for years.