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Feb 6, 2023

How 2023 will be? In the name of wellness!

Discover all annual trends: wearable technologies, strength training and many more.

Research led by “Mc Kinsey” shows that wellness, not only known as sport and fitness, but also as health, good looking aspect, sleep and mindfulness, will be the most followed trend in 2023.  

The market of wellness is worth 1,5 trillion today, but future forecasts are optimistic and aim at an upcoming annual growth of 5-10%.  

Through the results of the “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends”, ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) is the organization that annually shows the most popular fitness trends for the coming year.   

They were growing since 2016 and today finally reached the first place: we are talking about Wearable Technologies such as fitness tracker and smartwatch. This kind of technology allows sportsmen to save their progresses and to be motivated to reach their goals.  

Going on we find two opposites: at the second place there is the Strength Training, which aims at increasing body strength by lifting weights; at the third place the Bodyweight Workout, which uses the weight of the body as resistance power.  

A further improving trend is represented by Senior Training Programs, to give evidence that wellness is every day more related to people’s health and not to performance.  

At the fifth place, Functional Training is a technique that aims at increasing strength, resistance and mobility at the same time.  

Busy days find their way-out through sport, in fact more and more people practice Open Air Activities, for example for a run, a workout at the park or a walk at the sea.  

HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) won a place in the ranking too. These workouts are featured by high and low intensity exercises and they represent the perfect solution both for those suffering from hearth diseases and those who have little time for their training. 

Since 2022, people keep being interested to workouts that make them lose weight, maybe as tool to counteract the pandemic effects.  

To conclude, at the ninth and at the tenth place, there are Certified Trainers and Personal Training Services. Both services are essential to evaluate the physical condition of every individual and as a consequence, being able to offer the solution that better fits their needs.           

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