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March 17: World Sleep Day

A good sleep is one of the main pillars for a healthy and correct lifestyle, for this reason, every year there are more and more experts who organize talks on the topic.

A good sleep is one of the main pillars for a healthy and correct lifestyle. 
For this reason, on the Friday before the spring equinox is celebrated the "World Sleep Day": a day whose main objective is to remember how important it is to sleep well, through information opportunities that experts of the sector organize worldwide. 

Research shows that in Italy 1 out of 4 people suffer from insomnia, chronic or transient, and that most of them, about 60% of the total, are women. 
Not being able to sleep properly entails a series of negative consequences for our body, including a feeling of prolonged tiredness during the day, greater difficulty in maintaining a higher concentration level and an increase in irritability.  
Furthermore, if prolonged over time, incorrect sleep can lead to more serious problems, such as intestinal diseases or depression. 

What is it and why do people suffer from insomnia? 

Insomnia is a phenomenon that does not allow us to sleep properly and, based on the moment in which it occurs, it can be defined as initial, when it is difficult to fall asleep, central, if one is subject to continuous awakenings during the course of the night, or terminal, if you wake up very early in the morning and can't fall asleep anymore. 
Generally, the main cause for which we suffer from insomnia is stress, which very often creates states of agitation that prevent us from resting effectively. 
When it comes to transient insomnia, however, the causes can often be linked to environmental factors such as lighting and annoying noises, or, to an excessive consumption of alcohol and substances containing caffeine. 

Why is sleeping well so important? 

 Our sleep cycle consists of an REM phase, characterized by general relaxation, more intense and more connected to reality dreams, and a non-REM phase, characterized by dreams more related to our thoughts. 
The transition between these two moments allows us to consolidate memories, strengthen cognitive abilities and free the brain from toxins and toxic substances such as amyloid beta protein, often the cause of diseases like the Alzheimer.  

From this article we understood that sleeping well is extremely important to have the right energy during the day. Sleeping badly, especially if prolonged over time, can lead to serious pathologies.  


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