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2 - 5 June 2022
An innovative activity that promotes a culture of quality sleep

BodyFly Sleep Training

Thursday to Sunday, Hall D5
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BodyFly Sleep Training is an innovative activity that promotes a culture of quality sleep and the right amount of rest, crucial for replenishing energy after intense sports and professional activities.

Created by Master Coach Gennaro Setola, in collaboration with the Italian company IPHO, which provides toppers and pillows for the implementation of the activities, this innovative protocol continues to achieve incredible success after its triumph at Rimini Wellness 2023. It is evident that the increasing focus on energy recovery and sleep is becoming increasingly relevant in the context of overall well-being and health.

BodyFly Sleep Training not only provides in-depth information on best practices for restorative sleep but also offers practical suggestions and techniques to improve sleep quality and duration. Through interactive and engaging sessions, participants will learn how to:

  • create an optimal sleep environment,
  • adopt an effective pre-sleep and post-sleep routine,
  • manage stress and anxiety that may interfere with nighttime rest,
  • adopt natural breathing patterns,
  • prevent and address spinal issues.


Additionally, thanks to the technical support of IPHO, participants will have the opportunity to personally experience the effectiveness of the ergonomic toppers and pillows provided during the presentations, which have confirmed the therapeutic and preventive aspects of the activity, related to the benefits of correct posture, physiological breathing, and adequate support during sleep.

After the great success of the previous edition, the BodyFly Sleep Training will embark on a Tour of the best holistic and sports centers starting in October. This will allow an increasingly wider audience to access this valuable information and improve their quality of life through restful and rejuvenating sleep.

To experience BodyFly Sleep Training firsthand with Gennaro and Dr. Francesco Argano, the appointment is at Rimini Wellness at the BodyFly ZONE PAD. D5 Stand 1

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