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2 - 5 June 2022
Parma Powerlifting Barbarians

Squat Race

Saturday, Hall A1
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The Parma Powerlifting Barbarians’ Staff presents an extraordinary SQUAT RACE  , at its first edition, at the Rimini Wellness 2024.

A spectacular stage in one of the coolest locations hosting a true battle to the last lib, amongst the strongest Italian squatters.

The contest is open to all athletes, whom are brave enough to accept the challenge and fight one against each other to win the cash prize of 500€ for both Men’s and Women’s absolute.


Sunday, June 1st 2024


Padiglione 1

Rankings will be calculated with IPF Formula.

WHAT’S IPF FORMULA? Essentially, it is a method of measuring the “relative strength”. In theory, a heavier athlete should be able to lift more weight compared to a lighter one. Still, it might go the other way around due to the relative strength compared to the body weight - that’s when the IPF System kicks in. This system uses the formula of: a coefficient multiplied by the body weight and the lifted weight to determine the strongest in “absolute” terms (meaning you can compare strength of lifters across different categories, too).

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