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2 - 5 June 2022
Tsunami Nutrition

Tsunami Nutrition

Thursday to Sunday
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Riminiwellness and Tsunami Nutrition at now embody for years a powerful connection, eagerly awaited by
the Italian fitness community.

An event that always leaves its mark and that, thanks to the many celebrities on stage, such as Andrea
Presti, Gianzcoach, Danny Lazzarin and Rocco Siffredi- just to name a few of them-led by our ever-present
Valentino Tozzi and the atmosphere generated by the whole environment, It is easier to define as a big
party than as a trade fair stand.

It’s definitely an event where the wall that always separates the customer from the company is forcefully
pulled down, allowing us to feel all the warmth of people who love our brand. Of course, for us it is always
a pleasant opportunity to give our loyalists an incredible memory that only those who have lived can
understand. In a few words,It ‘s an event that the whole fitness community can not miss.