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Fiteducation returns The 18th consecutive edition at RiminiWellness from May 30 to June 02. Fiteducation confirms itself as one of the best Italian and international training realities, with new and comprehensive programs in various areas, including multi-functional training, holistic fitness, personal training and collective musical fitness. As a preview, the official presentation of many new fitness trends that promise to excite all fitness enthusiasts and that, as every year, will shock RiminiWellness with their innovative training programs.

This year there will be dedicated spaces in which Fiteducation will operate, there will be 4 with the aim of engaging operators and visitors by making them experience the latest trends in world fitness, in an interactive way presenting New training programs and techniques. FITEDUCATION GOLDEN STAGE BODY AND SOUL CONNECTION SPORT & FITNESS, FITEDUCATION FUNCTIONAL ZONE HANUMAN THE CAGE TRAINING and FITEDUCATION ANTIGRAVITY® AIR ZONE and the area dedicated to Yoga enthusiasts, FITEDUCATION HOLISTIC DEVAYOGAMYND YOGA INNER SPACE with exclusive Yoga practices targeted to everyone.


From the most beloved choreographies such as dance and step (with internationally known names), to the most innovative functional workouts that combine strength, power, reactivity and endurance. Big surprises in the Golden Stage, where music and energy come together to create unique emotions: here Fiteducation presents all the programs in line with the latest fitness trends together presenting a Team of international caliber from Fiteducation Italy and Romania , the activities presented will be, FUNCTION CONDITIONING, HIGH INTENSITY STRENGTH TRAINING, STEP CHOREOGRAPHY, STEP FUNCTION, BODY WEIGHT TRAINING , will be presented by an out of class and International Master Alessandro Muo'. Also the world of dance merges with the world of fitness and will be presented , GPassè a new program with dance approach created by GIL LOPES' GLP ACADEMY with lots of new format classes. There will be no shortage of Brazilian rhythms from the Revolution Sambafit group captained by program creator Eduardo Silva and Boxing sports techniques such as FIT KOMBAT®


The space entirely dedicated to the use of cages known as HANUMAN The Cage Training , where training protocols will be developed for the vectors of Space, Time and Energy. You will discover an innovative way to train your body with calibrated energy, in an adaptable space , traveling the necessary time.

The program was created by Jari Ranzato's Intuition, a modular and versatile structure that allows even small groups to work simultaneously.


AntiGravity ®Fitness & Yoga, commemorates its 16 years since its landing in Italy since 2008, brought by International master and Fiteducation founder Sayonara Motta. AntiGravity Fitness n& Yoga is called the yoga of the present and the future, this year AntiGravity Fitness® is confirmed among Fiteducation's cult programs, indeed its flagship thanks to the unique collaboration with ANTIGRAVITY Inc. directly from New York. The traditional programs AG RESTORE®, AG PILATES®, AG AIRBARRE®, AG AERIAL YOGA® and AG SUSPENSION® and AG 1on1®, a format dedicated to physical therapists and personal trainers. Also new is the Class COCOONING® format an incredible hammock meditation session.

In this area, we will discover the world upside down, thanks to the soft AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga hammocks, enveloping trapezes specially created by Christopher Harrison, founder and artistic director of AntiGravity Inc. These soft fabrics allow you to perform dynamic suspended, gravity-defying sequences in total safety, experiencing 360° movement without weight or joint compression. The benefits of AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga programs are numerous, including disc decompression, reactivation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and stimulation of collagen in the skin, with an anti-aging effect. This is the space dedicated to those who want to understand and overcome their limitations, those who like to move freely without constraints, using the body in a multidimensional way and developing self-awareness.


The space dedicated to yoga enthusiasts. Classes aimed at learning more about the ancient discipline that improves flexibility, balance, relaxation and introspection in harmony between body mind and spirit. Yoga programs of the DevaYogaynmd school with Vinyasa Yoga , HATHA YOGA old style., POWER YOGA with Roberto Bocchi .We will always offer YOGA THERAPY  by Yoga’s Therapist Sayonara Motta, sessions , a new approach to find inner connection. Meditation sessions will be offered with new vibrations and sounds and Yoga& Somatic Moves Session.

In addition, the Yoga programs of DevaYogaynmd School Vinyasa Yoga and YOGA VAYUS with Yoga Teacher Enzo Ventimiglia will be presented.

In addition, we will not miss exclusive activities such as postural gymnastics, Integration Myofascial Release. Disciplines that take advantage of the science of biomechanics along with excellent techniques such as Pilates, postural gymnastics and flexibility protocols will be offered.

We then confirm the presentation of brand new tools suitable for individuals, small groups or fitness classes. SpineFitter® is a targeted work protocol and an ideal tool for regeneration and self-massage of muscle fasciae (connective tissue of muscles and muscle groups), prevention of muscle pain, and recovery of enhanced sports performance. It is a protocol suitable for everyone, as a warm-up or cool-down or as a true resource for entire training sessions aimed at improving flexibility in a functional way, stimulating blood circulation and neuromuscular connection. It creates space and length in the column. But not only that. It immediately gives a feeling of relaxation. And it is effective immediately, even by simply resting your back on it.

In addition, SPHERIC FLOW & offers movement, synergy and integration, with protocols aimed at developing functional mobility.  FLEX ZONE & Also the highly regarded BlackRoll®

TEAM of excellence

Team headed by Sayonara Motta, with a staff of international caliber Fiteducation coach Italy and Romania. For the Fitness sector there will be Top International teachers such as Gil Lopes, Alessandro Muò, Alessandro Pisanu, Giulia Pagliaccia, Eduardo Silva, Sergio Gallotta and Marianna Perruno. For the AntiGravity Fitness & Yoga sector there will be Star 1 Educators Jari Ranzato, Paola Miretta, Elena Buscone, certified AntiGravity Yoga trainers, Lia Pari, Becky, Laura Puccini. For Yoga practices with us, Roberto Bocchi, Enzo Ventimiglia.


Iconic and presenter Andrea Bellemani, who has worked with the school for more than 9 years, will lead the fitness event on the Fiteducation stage.

Fiteducation is also...

Fiteducation is one of the most innovative associations in the field of fitness and wellness training in Italy. It operates with training and specialization courses in major Italian cities and online and in L'estero.

Fiteducation Pro Courses updates many instructors each year with more than 25 training programs spread across various training courses.  It has created numerous Nike Courses ( from 2006-2019) and Fiteducation Courses programs that are signed by Fiteducation master trainer.

Fiteducation's mission is to create new fitness and wellness professionals of the highest quality. For those who want to constantly update and improve their technical background, Fiteducation offers a globally recognized training system with the most innovative training programs.

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