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2 - 5 June 2022

Macumba® Fitness Dance

Thursday to Sunday Hall C4
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Enthusiasm will be the mission to train you in Hall C4: a show stage, overwhelming with lights, colors and music, where the stars will be the instructors!

We are a 360° fitness project made in Italy, born about twenty years ago now, always growing and evolving, adapting to the formats that the market requires: MACUMBA® FITNESS DANCE, POSTURAL MM, FUNCTIONAL MM, technical director Max Imperoli.

On Saturday and Sunday MACUMBA FITNESS LIVE with Max Imperoli and the world-famous DJ DJ OTTOMIX & YANO, with the tracks "How Gee and Black Machine have been riding the top of the charts for a long time.

ACSI our Sports Promotion Body, will present many initiatives: many fitness lessons thanks to its presenters from all over Italy; an information desk on membership, management and insurance services, training courses and updates on regulations affecting gyms and instructors; the fourth edition of the Arms Challenge, the biceps and triceps endurance challenge open to all. Technical direction Antonella Lizza.

REVOLUTION SAMBAFIT is a fitness programme that combines samba movements with aerobic and resistance exercises, offering a fun and engaging experience to improve fitness and well-being. Founder Eduardo Da Silva.

Inquire about our instructor trainings, we need to increase our staff throughout Italy; Wear our workout gear: a casual outfit for every need.

WIN the STUDY BAG for instructor trainings during Max Imperoli's classes.


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