from May 30th to June 2nd 2019


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Reserved services for professionals

  • HOSPITALITY VILLAGE: The event’s VIP club
  • BUSINESS LOUNGE and JOB & BREAKFAST HOUR: Areas reserved for professionals
  • W-CONVENTION AREA: The best convention rooms and technology for doing business
  • WELLNESS WITHOUT BOUNDARIES Business meetings and numerous initiatives with some of the most promising foreign markets
  • BASIC SERVICES KIT: Everything necessary for success at the exhibition
  • FAST LANE ACCESS: Special entrances, badges, and  lines for professionals
  • MEDIA COVERAGE: The best opportunities for high visibility

WARNING! Important information for Exhibitors


It has come to our knowledge that the Austrian Company Construct Data Verlag GmbH, is sending letters to fairs’ Exhibitors offering advertising for three years on a virtual catalogue published on the web site at the cost of € 1,171.00 per year.

In their offer, Construct Data uses the name of Italian Fairs and also the name of the exhibitions and which the Exhibitor has taken part. The same procedure is used with many Italian and foreign Fairs. We intend to clarify that Construct Data has never been authorized to use Fair’s trade marks and data, so they act without any authorisation, approval or knowledge of Fairs. Should you receive letters or contracts from Construct Data Verlag GmbH, please read very carefully all the clauses before signing anything. For further information about Construct Data Verlag GmbH visit the independent no commercial web site and, for Italy, the web site

For some time now, Commercial Online Manuals S de RL de CV, a company registered in Mexico and with branches in other countries, has been sending forms to Exhibitor firms asking for any modifications to their company data for publication of advertisements in the Expo-Guide magazine. On completing and signing the forms, containing the names of Italian exhibition grounds and event trademarks, the firm is then obliged to pay a sum of Euro 1,181.00 per year.

The above-mentioned company has NOT and has NEVER BEEN AUTHORISED to use the name Rimini Fiera or our event trademarks. If you should receive forms or proposals from Commercial Online Manuals S de RL de CV or from Expo-Guide, we strongly recommend that you read the terms very carefully before signing.