Group tours need to be registered by their group leader in order to access RiminiWellness.
Applications will have to be submitted within Tuesday 14th May 2019: after that date, the registration process will be closed and no application will therefore be accepted.
IMPORTANT! Groups must collect the tickets and enter at the WEST entrance!

Enter the username and password we previously sent to your inbox in order to proceed to the registration process or sign up here as a group leader.




A group is formed by a minimum number of 15 participants, excluding those under the age of 12 or over 65, which in any case will be granted free entry.
Group applications will be allowed if submitted within Tuesday 14th May 2019.
Beyond said date no group will be admitted in any case.


Tickets may be regularly purchased at the cash desk dedicated to groups located at the WEST entrance of Rimini Fiera, or paid by wire transfer within Wednesday 15th May 2019 and collected at the cash desk.

Tickets are valid for all legal purpose.
It is therefore impossible to issue an invoice at the cash desk, nor at any time during or after Riminiwellness.

In order to receive an invoice the only accepted payment method will be wire transfer, to be made within Wednesday 15th May 2019.

The wire transfer is possible only if you ask for an invoice.
PLEASE NOTE: If you don't ask for an invoice, you will not be able to pay by wire transfer.
If you wish to obtain an invoice you are kindly invited to fill in the form comprehensively. You will receive an email with all information about the payment.