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2 - 5 June 2022

National Fire Brigade Corps

Thursday to Sunday
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The participation of the National Fire Brigade Corps at RiminiWellness is an important opportunity to raise public awareness of the importance of wellness and safety, promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

During the event, the National Fire Brigade Corps will organise various activities involving the public in attendance.


Activity consisting in the timed performance of a motor course in an area of more than 200 m2, similar to the physical tests carried out by firefighter candidates during entrance examinations, with a final score drawn up on the basis of the correct execution of the tests, completion of the course and time of execution, consisting of the following workstations arranged in succession:

  1. Climbing over a vertical wooden wall measuring 200 × 200 cm

(ability to overcome an obstacle in the way of a rescue operation);

  1. Transport of a 30 kg dummy for 20 metres

(simulation transport and recovery person);

  1. Fixed bar tractions

(ability to remain in the suspended position for a certain period of time);

  1. Modified burpees with lateral displacement

(ability to sustain sustained general physical exertion);

  1. Transport of 9 fire hoses with a diameter of 70 cm and a length of 20 metres.

(ability to move loads in a short time)


Guided by the gymnastic instructors of the National Fire Brigade Corps, the public present will be able to take part in two types of lessons, relating to the physical training methods and procedures of fire brigade personnel: ground training (basic and advanced) and situation training (basic and advanced).

The lessons will include the performance of free-body activities with natural load or with overloads (techniques for transporting injured persons and/or materials) and the possible use of wooden boxes for performing climbs and jumps.


Athletes from the 'Fiamme Rosse' Sports Group of the Fire Brigade will be present for the disciplines wrestling (Greco-Roman and free), rowing, weightlifting and taekwondo.

The 'Fiamme Rosse' was only formally established in 2013, however, in previous years the firefighter-athletes of the sports groups in the area have already made a name for themselves. It is enough to mention the cross-country runner Maurillo De Zolt, the gymnast Giovanni Carminucci or the wrestler Claudio Pollio to evoke epic sporting feats.

Technicians and athletes will take turns at the various specially prepared stations in exhibitions, technical demonstrations and fight simulations.

At the end of each performance/simulation, the public present will be offered the opportunity to try their hand at the various disciplines and/or try an individual or group technical-practical lesson.

Technicians and athletes will also be at the public's disposal for any clarifications and in-depth studies on the regulations of the individual disciplines and to provide explanations on the technical-tactical aspects and on the physiological, psychological and methodological problems that every highly qualified athlete must face in order to compete at the highest levels, both nationally and internationally.

Finally, athletes and technicians will be happy to sign autographs and distribute personalised postcards of the 'Fiamme Rosse' Fire Brigade Sports Group.

The presence of the Fire Brigade at RiminiWellness will contribute to creating a safe and aware environment, encouraging the active participation of the community in psycho-physical well-being and safety.

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